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Café Civi-co

This cafe is located inside the Civi-co coworking in the Pinheiros neighborhood of São Paulo. Their mission is to be a space for innovation and social impact to encourage and foster civic-social entrepreneurship.


The coffee drinking area connects to the lecture area through a sliding panel. And the cuisine served on-site is organic, from the garden, handcrafted, seasonal, functional, vegan, plantbased, vegetarian, gluten free and lactose free.


The concept of the project was to create a space that was cozy and referred to the values ​​of sustainability.


Native edible plants, natural materials (wood, stone and earth-based paint) and soft colors add to the warmth and amplify positive customer experiences.

The slates have handmade art with sustainability messages


Furnishings create cozy spaces that invite meeting and conversation. All are made with certified wood. And the movie seats in the back of the hall are old following the concept of reuse.


The counter is 1.00m - increasing customer and kitchen / staff contact - creating a sense of openness and confidence. And the layout of the equipment was made with layout that facilitates the operation.


The materials are national and natural and have simple lines.


The shelves and paintings help in the sale of products from partner NGOs.

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