SESC Bertioga Reserve

​Location: Bertioga - São Paulo
Property: Reserve 432.049 m² | Visitor Center Site 15.533m² |   Construction projects 2.541m2

Located in the urban perimeter of the municipality of Bertioga, coast of the São Paulo State, the Sesc Nature Reserve has a wide variety of restinga fauna and flora and awaits state recognition to become a RPPN - Private Natural Reserve, with the objective of developing activities for environmental education, tourism, social valorization and research.

In the last 3 years I have joined the team that did the site research for the Master Plan (Phase 1), I was one of the teachers during the Course for Conception of Public Use Infrastructures in Protected Areas (Phase 2) and together with architect Regina Pinheiro we developed the concept project for the new visitor center (Phase 3).

Phase 1 - Started in March 2014, under the coordination of Sesc in São Paulo and the Institute Ecofuturo, that managed the Master Plan for the reserve. The team had eight groups of researchers who, for twenty-four months, Studied the following topics: Biotic aspects, geographic aspects, socioeconomic aspects, historical and cultural aspects, visitation, geoprocessing, management, diagnosis and participatory planning.

My participation was in the visitation planning team, with the team of the turismologist specialized in ecotourism Paula Arantes (Muirakitã) and forest engineer Tom Adnet (Adnet Florestal).

Phase 2 - I was one of the course teachers' team and workshop for managing protected areas and discussing with participants the ideal program for the reserve and taught a lesson on using user experiences to create priorities in the briefing.

Phase 3 - As a result I and Regina Pinheiro made initial project with definition of the general concept of the project and volumetries and basic projects of the buildings.


Video about the reserve


The teachers and the students

My Class about using the user experience for constructing a project briefing.





Modules for Reception and Education

recepcao - PORTUES.JPG

Modules for Library/Office, Tower and Restaurant.

Reserva Sesc Bertioga - Flavia Machado Arquitetura

25-meter-high observation tower above the tree canopy connected to the bridge that gives access to the trails

During our research we learned that in the traditional villages in this place the community used to have a party to share the fish and they would gather in a circle to tell stories. Thus, this small square was created so that visitors could taste some of the local culture.

Reserva Sesc Bertioga - Flavia Machado Arquitetura

Modules for Research Lab and Lodge

 Ground floor - research lab, kitchen, lecture space, acessible accommodation
Second floor - 12 rooms for 36 guests (students and scientists)


Reserva Sesc Bertioga - Flavia Machado Arquitetura