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Le Manjue Café - Unit 1 - Vila Nova Conceição

A compact coffee with 39sqm.

The solution of this project was to bring the counter to the door at the corner and use the street as a consumer space, and the corner is also the place where the cafe has the most visibility.

For this project was made a study of sunshine and the solution for this property was to make retractable awnings and also a new tree on the sidewalk that will further shade the table space.

The decoration solutions follow the concept I developed for the brand, such as valorization of local materials (peeling brick), organic painting with earth-based paints and low consumption led lighting.

The interior of the lounge brings warmth with a layout similar to a residential dining room. And retro / industrial-style furniture and hand-made communication add more charm to the look.


Vídeo do Conceito do Projeto
Vídeo do Estudo de Insolação
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