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Le Manjue Café - Unit 2 -  Itaim

Vídeo do Conceito do Projeto

In this new cafe I made for the Le Manjue brand, located in the Itaim neighborhood,  in São Paulo, the aesthetic concept followed the pattern I developed for the brand.


The project reflects the same goals that the brand and the office aim for, rescuing quality of life through contact with natural elements.


Fresh color patterns were used, with custom-made Solum earth-based paint. The ceiling was applied a brown color, to refer to a wooden ceiling and create warmth. The bicolor walls also increase the feeling of coziness and bring a retro feel.


The architectural project has created a space that privileges the experience with taste, but all other senses are also stimulated.

With knowledge based on neuroscience, biophilic design and sustainable architecture, the project provokes feelings of welcome and well-being, making use of natural elements in the environment. Certified reforestation wood, caramel-colored vegetable leather, plants, straw, earth-based organic paint, and warm-toned lighting were used for its execution.


All woods used in the project are FSC certified reforestation. The tables have a top that shows all the trunk veins, giving texture in the setting. The oval table breaks the rigidity and resembles the feel of a home dining table to meet friends for a chat.


The front door, in solid wood, brings the beauty of the handmade frames and the transparent glass let every kitchen appear, which party located right in front of the store and is all open, attending to the curiosity of customers who, in times of Master Chef, like to see how products are made. In these architectural design details we create a relationship of process transparency and increased trust on the part of customers.


The communication was all personalized, giving a special touch to the ambiance. The phrases and mandala were hand-made by artist Ligia Yamaguti, the diamond-shaped ornament with the brand design was designed by me and made by Cabral Comunicações and the arrangement of dried plants of the vertical muda and the custom designed branded cushions. made by Bloketo.

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