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Le Manjue Organique Restaurant - Unit 1 - Vila Nova Conceição

Project Video

Project for a complete renovation for the restaurant Le Manjue Organique in Vila Nova Conceição, São Paulo.

The goal was to make the restaurant's dining space as enjoyable as dining in a garden.

Letting nature conquer all the space from double height and using natural materials creates a feeling of warmth, the same as we felt when we tried the recipes with organic and functional ingredients of chef Renato Callefi.

We also follow Renato's concept of food to guide the choices in the project, giving preference to Simple, Good, Natural and Creative things.



For landscaping only Brazilian native plants were used.


The paint is earth-based with natural dyes, the lining is covered with FSC-certified cork (reforestation wood), and the wood furniture is made from reforestation wood or reused wood (wine boxes and pallets).



@Fotos Caio Braga
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