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House at Ilhabela II

A house on a very special beach in Ilhabela, Bonete beach.


It is difficult to access, only by boat or trail, so the whole project was developed thinking of solutions that could be made on site, such as adobe walls (so we would not need to send the bricks by boat) and also simple model and traditional windows, that would be made by the carpenters of the village. And the floor will be made of local stones


The client also asked that the colors and roof should refer to the caiçara paulista culture and colonial architecture.


It was chosen to attach the boat house to the house block, in the region it is common to do it in front of the house, at the beach, obstructing the view of the sea. Then on the left is the space for the ones that just came back from the beach, with space for storing boards and boats, the tank for cleaning the fish caught in the day and a shower.


We privileged the spaces for rest and meeting, which are in the balconies of the house.

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