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The Skater´s House

House project located in Santana de Parnaíba, São Paulo.


The environments were distributed according to the views and sun position. All have cross circulation, natural light and a lot of contact with the green area. That increases health and well-being.

The entire project is modular, which will reduce costs and construction time. The structure is in prefabricated laminated wood.


In the recreation area we have a pool that when emptied turns into a skate bowl and in the backyard there is a mini-ramp, creating a skate circuit, with an exit ramp to the street.


The house has been divided into 2 blocks, in front are the environments to receive friends: swimming pool, living room, dining room and wine cellar.


On this block there is access to the roof with garden and views of the forest. Among the blocks are the internal and external kitchen, with barbecue, wood oven, wood stove, outdoor fireplace, and a garden with mirror. Water.


In the back block are the tv room and 4 suites, which open onto the distribution hall, adjacent to the internal garden and also open to private gardens.


The house will have rainwater reuse and the water treatment of the pool will be natural (without chemicals), made through the water mirror plants.

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