Project for Bananal Farm in Paraty

Forest Reserve + Ecological Tourism+ Agroecology

Local : Paraty  RJ Brasil  | Property: 1,8 km² |   Master Plan : 60.000 m2 | Building Projects 3.300m2

The Bananal Farm, originally from the 17th century, has been restored to now become a sustainable production area focused on sharing knowledge with both local producers and tourists.

The architectural project included the macro planning of the environmental reserve areas with reforestation, administration, teaching area and ecotourism.


It was also designed there a restaurant, an auditorium, a museum, an administration house, a reception house, environmental education modules, garage and a classroom space.


The buildings layout follows a logic of tourist visitation and also respected some spaces that already existed and were renovated and reused. The construction followed the sustainable architecture concepts, with reuse of existing buildings and all new materials and labor were local. Sewage treatment and power generation with solar panels was also installed. 


There is also a center for education about sustainable construction with demonstrations of techniques.

Video with the 3d model for the project 

Institutional Video about the farm


Bananal Fam Project - Architect Flavia Machado
Bananal Fam Project - Architect Flavia Machado