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Apartment at Vila Nova Conceição - São Paulo


Renovation project and apartment decoration in Vila Nova Conceição, favoring cheerful colors, fun designs and nature as the main reference.

The kitchen was painted black so as not to stand out from the living room.

The black color was also used in the upholstery and in the entrance door to make the decoration more masculine, since the apartment is for a single man.


A multipurpose furniture has been made that marks the separation between living room and kitchen space and has the function of cabinet, dining table and bar. The TV stand is narrow and long to increase the feeling of depth in the room.

The modular beehive shelf was developed exclusively for this customer.

The balcony has special outdoor furniture, with a design that goes back to the traditional braided straw. Relates to the language of the room by using the color black in the upholstery. That contrast the yellow and green pillows.

For the room, the blue tone was chosen for its calming effect and for relating to the sea and surfing, the client's passion.

The concept of the traditional Breton (white and blue) stripes that come from the French sailors' uniform since 1858 has been revised. And the white stripes were broken giving an optical illusion and movement effect.

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